Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st February 2010 Releases

Impairment / Reagent
1XA 12"
(1XA 002)

'Mastered by Rashad at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Track and mastering info etched in run-out groove. Hand stamped new '1xa'. Housed in black paper disco sleeve with poly-lining, individually sealed with blue perforated banner vinyl. Limited edition.'

Alone At Last
Sirr CD
(SIRR 031)

'Alone At Last is a studio album, written over the first decade of Janek's career as a composer, sound artist, and musician. Each of the eight tracks is a response to an invitation to write a piece of music for either a compilation or installation. The original sound sources are produced using location recordings and manipulated vinyl, which are then processed through a combination of foot pedals & mixing desk, and then assembled on screen. Anamnesis refers to the ability of sound to trigger mental images in our mind's eye. Each new series of images is specific to each of us - and they are all uniquely generated and framed in turn by these supremely evocative compositions. The CD arrives housed in an elegant 100% black jewelcase with an 8 page black & white booklet of Janek's photography.'

Cronica CD
(CRON 046-2009)

'Sleppet originated from a sound art project in 2007, when six renowned artists — Natasha Barrett, Bjarne Kvinnsland, Steve Roden, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen and Marc Behrens — recorded sounds on a 10-day trip through the Norwegian Westlandet region and used the nature experience for a couple of sound installations and music pieces. Composed and produced by Marc Behrens in 2007-2008 in Bergen, Oslo and Frankfurt am Main. Basic material recorded in Gloppen, Bergen, on Utvær island, at Brenndalsbreen glacier and close to Røsskleivvatnet lake, Norway.'