Friday, August 20, 2010

23rd August 2010 Releases

A. Phoenix
AA. Like Silver

Orca 12"
(ORCA 002)
Hyetal - Phoenix - 002 by william orca
Hyetal - Like Silver - 002 by william orca

Following the success and great reception for its XI and Headhunter debut release, Orca Recordings is back to deliver its highly anticipated second instalment; this time from Bristol-based producer, Hyetal.

Whilst many of his peers cite influences from early garage and jungle, Hyetal’s musical backgrounds stem from a different collection of genres. After playing bass for several bands in his youth, Hyetal’s love of hiphop producers like J Dilla and DJ Premier, led him to purchase an MPC 2000 so he could try his hand at emulating their beats in the same way. This unusual path has led Hyetal to create a completely unique sound, which when paired with elements of UK bass music, giving a welcomed dose of originality to the scene.

In an unbelievable year, Hyetal has seen releases on seminal labels such as Punch
Drunk Records, Soul Motive and Planet Mu. Now, we’re proud to announce that the tracks to be released on Orca Recordings are ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Like Silver’. ‘Phoenix’ is arguably Hyetal’s boldest attempt at production so far, drawing heavy influence from 80’s classics from Prince and even Phil Collins. Hyetal’s trademark synth work is apparent from the start, with several different tones and leads switching up the vibe throughout the track. On the drop, the combination of the classic snare soaked in reverb and the irresistible chord progression, ‘Phoenix’ is set to drop as a large summer anthem for 2010.

On the flip, ‘Like Silver’ carries a much more relaxed vibe. With a multitude of layers
of intricate synth work combined with a blend of organic, rolling percussion, ‘Like Silver’ is a perfect tune for the headphones or the DJs who like to take it a little bit deeper.

Strong DJ support has come from across the board, and includes: Mary Anne Hobbs, Untold, Jackmaster, Ben UFO, Appleblim, Ramadanman, Peverelist amongst many more...

A. Boston
AA. Boxin'
7EVEN 12"
(7EVEN 016)
Out now: LIKHAN' - Boston (7EVEN16) by 7evenrecordings
Out now: LIKHAN' - Boxin (7EVEN16) by 7evenrecordings

LIKHAN’ is the author of three sold out twelves on 7even Recordings, including the first release on the label ‘Terre / Uwill’ and recent classics such as ‘Qumran’ and ‘Redlight’. Al last he's back on wax in 2010 with ‘Boxin’ and ‘Boston’, offering us two of his best Dub House / Dubbage cuts for all the onethirty crew.

Pioneer of bass music in France for almost 10 years now, his productions have always ignored borders and have been recognized for their melodic quality and musicality. Notably supported by Mala Digital Mystikz on his Dubstep productions, this true underground artist is constantly innovating in the studio.

Blending House and Garage flavours to massive basslines and Dub skanks, delays and echoes, ‘Boxin’ and ‘Boston’ are unique tracks, and as usual with LIKHAN’, impossible to label.

The London players have already adopted them for their turntables: T.Williams and Don Morris from Deep Teknologi, DJ IC and Slackk are currently rinsing ‘Boxin’ and ‘Boston’ at their shows and on Rinse FM. LIKHAN is definitely back!

16th August 2010 Release

A. Crimewaves
AA. In The Cut

Immerse 12"
(IME 020)
Cloak & Dagger - Crimewaves by immerserecords
Cloak & Dagger - In the Cut by immerserecords

Immerse Records spread their wings and hook up with Tokyo based Cloak & Dagger for this stunning debut release. Bristol based Immerse Records are truly on fire at the moment dropping release after release of quality music that draws on the best of dubstep, garage, techno, electronic music and beyond to create a unique and eclectic output that defies simple genre classifications. The recent incredible single from Late is now followed up with a release from a brand new artist, Cloak & Dagger.

Cloak & Dagger is the work of one Evan Gach, a resident of Japan's capital city, Tokyo, Beyond this little is known about this new production talent but one thing is clear, he has an ear for great music as this inaugural release clearly demonstrates.

The title of the A side cut 'Crimewaves' may invoke visions of a dystopian urban landscape but in reality the music contained within its frequency bound walls is set to transport you to a jazz drenched utopia. Warm Rhodes piano lines and retro keys lay the groundwork for some funk fueled breaks and energetic percussion giving this record a depth of character that is hugely appealing. This is a perfect fusion of new & old, melodic & electronic, light and dark & light again; wonderful stuff and totally timeless. The flipside 'In the Cut' is a broodier affair, setting the scene with subtle understated drums which are bedrock for some intense sub bass action. Tech inspired pads and delayed stabs intertwine with the spacious percussion creating an ethereal and floating vibe that is constantly unpinned by the floorshaking bottom end! Dark and beautiful. Immerse is a celebration of great music and this is another piece in ever impressive story…

Monday, August 9, 2010

9th August 2010 Releases

Fabulous Diamonds II
Chapter Music CD
(CH 077)

"Melbourne, Australia's Fabulous Diamonds specialize not so much in songs but in pools of unease. " Pitchfork

Melbourne duo Fabulous Diamonds are an odd pair. They make overtly hypnotic music, full of lulling, sensual repetition, but there’s also an edge of irritation, an undercurrent of friction that cuts through the drone and propels the songs forward.

Second album Fabulous Diamonds II by Fabulous Diamonds begins with drummer/vocalist Nisa Venerosa yelling at keyboardist Jarrod Zlatic as he counts in the first track, but they still start together in perfect unison. It’s this combination of tension and intuitive understanding that makes Fabulous Diamonds so special.

They have been playing and arguing together for more than five years now, and their musical bond has grown deeper and more expansive since their 2008 self-titled debut. That album made it into revered UK mag The Wire’s top albums of the year, and got glowing reviews from the likes of Pitchfork and The Fader.

But this new record is still a remarkable development. Of its five untitled tracks, two extend well past the ten minute mark, sustaining a kind of grumpy intensity that never lags. The album was recorded with budding producer Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and was mastered by Qua’s Cornel Wilczek. Like their first album, it will be released on vinyl by venerable US label Siltbreeze, home to releases by the likes of Pink Reason, Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit.

Fabulous Diamonds toured the US in 2008 with the latter two bands, playing 26 dates in one month. In 2009 they were invited to perform at Belgium’s Kraak Festival alongside Wavves, Kurt Vile and others. They also played in the UK, Holland, France, Switzerland Portugal and Sweden on their 2009 European tour. In Australia the band have played with Deerhunter, the Horrors, Akron Family, Beach House and many more.

Machinefabriek CD EP
(MF 012)

Duotoon by Machinefabriek

"A new self released fan disc. A 19 minute track made purely with computer generated sine waves, layered and edited to form a strangely immersive drone piece. So, no dusty vinyl crackles, textural field recordings or grainy guitars here... just pure tones."

5" CD with a transparent outer ring housed in picture sleeve slipcase and another ultra limited edition - more engrossing sonic adventures from the man Zuydervelt.

Live at Sydney Town Hall, 1969-70
Chapter Music CD
(CH 076)

Chapter Music presents two rare live recordings from quintessential Sydney prog group Tully, including their 1970 performance of Australia’s first ever rock opera. These recordings capture the band in their first incarnation, before they joined forces with members of revered folk-psych band Extradition to explore more contemplative territory.

Formed in late 1968, Tully the First were wild, expansive and unpredictable, their live shows now the stuff of legend. Terry Wilson (vocals), Richard Lockwood (reeds), Michael Carlos (organ), John Blake (bass) and Robert Taylor (drums) employed extended improvisation, spacious dynamics and an intuitive intensity, so impressing Australian jazz icon John Sangster that he called them “the best band in the world at the time.”

In mid 69, Tully became the house band for love-rock musical Hair, recording the original cast album later that year. They also starred in a six part live-in-studio series Fusions. which premiered on ABC TV in August 1969. Sights & Sounds Of 69, from a May show of the same name, is the only live Tully recording to have survived the intervening four decades, and documents a typically far-ranging, mind-expanding performance. Ken Firth (later of the Ferrets) replaced John Blake on bass in December 1969.Perhaps Australia’s greatest living composer, Peter Sculthorpe wrote Love 200 specifically with Tully and vocalist Jeannie Lewis in mind. The work, commemorating Captain Cook’s expedition to map the Transit of Venus in 1769, was dismissed by the stuffy classcial establishment at the time, but Sculthorpe now calls it simply “one of my best works.” Heard here for the first time since the early 70s, Love 200 is an astounding piece, both elegant and jarring, serene and chaotic.

After Tully’s 1970 self-titled debut, Wilson and Taylor left the band, which then assimilated Extradition’s Shayna Stewart and Colin Campbell before releasing two more albums, Sea Of Joy (1971) and Loving Is Hard (1972), both markedly different from their fiery and often thunderous early form. Sadly, all three of Tully’s studio albums are still to be officially reissued. Until then, Live at Sydney Town Hall, 1969-70 is a fascinating insight into the early work of one of Australia’s most heralded, but least heard bands.

Danny & the Parkins Sisters
Chapter Music CD
(CH 068)

Danny & the Parkins Sisters were a truly singular blend of irritating, grating, interesting and meaningful.” - Bruno DeSmartass, Flipper

Chapter Music is proud to resurrect from undeserved obscurity the scratchy beatnik art-punk stylings of early 80s San Francisco trio Danny & the Parkins Sisters. Surrounded by the classic SF punk sounds of the Dead Kennedys, Pink Section, Flipper and the like, Danny & the Parkins Sisters opted instead to head in a very different direction.

Bratty Arizona transplant Danny Vinik and chic, alluring sisters Debra and Beverly Parkins strummed on detuned guitars, banged on whatever was close at hand, and declaimed hilarious, incisive lyrics that dissected the scenes and tribes around them in visceral, ungentrified early 80s San Francisco. Their high-performance shows played out in legendary venues such as the Sound Of Music and Club Generic.

In 1982, the band released a 8 song mini album on the Modern Masters label, run by Richard Kelly of the cabaret collective Club Foot Orchestra. It included the all-time

shoulda-beena classic, War Is On Your Doorstep, a pounding tribal punk chant that sums up all the paranoia and posturing of the post-punk era.

By 1983 the band were over, with Danny heading to South America and the Parkins sisters to New York, but their brief SF moment shone with a peculiar, musically naive but still knowing charm. Fans of angular post-punk luminaries like the Bush Tetras, the Raincoats or Y Pants will love this CD, which comes filled with bonus demo, live and rehearsal recordings.

2nd August 2010 Releases

Dubkasm Remixed Part 2:
A. Respek Ispek (Appleblim & Gatekeeper Remix)
B1. Transformi (Hyetal Remix)
B2. Moses (Forsaken Remix)

Sufferah's Choice 12"
(DUBK 014)

DUBKASM Remixed - Part 2 (Sufferah's Choice 12", DUBK 014) by bakedgoods

Part 2 of 5 in the Dubkasm remix saga!

Genesis Of A Deep Sound
Fine Art Recordings CD/LP
(FA 019CD/LP)
Fabrice Lig - Genesis Of A Deep Sound by nitzanfineart

Excellent techno album by Fabrice Lig, known for his great releases on Fcom and several other labels and upcoming releases on R&S. 180 gr heavy weight – exclusive spoken track by Fabrice and 2 unique locked grooves on each side. Photography on both the vinyl and the CD comes from published photographer Andrew Moore and his book Detroit Disassembled. This is the limited vinyl version of his full length cd on Fine Art, and with this album he is straight back in the spotlights! Traditional Detroit influenced techno plus some downbeat funk. Comes with a bonus free download code of an additional track from the album.