Friday, August 20, 2010

16th August 2010 Release

A. Crimewaves
AA. In The Cut

Immerse 12"
(IME 020)
Cloak & Dagger - Crimewaves by immerserecords
Cloak & Dagger - In the Cut by immerserecords

Immerse Records spread their wings and hook up with Tokyo based Cloak & Dagger for this stunning debut release. Bristol based Immerse Records are truly on fire at the moment dropping release after release of quality music that draws on the best of dubstep, garage, techno, electronic music and beyond to create a unique and eclectic output that defies simple genre classifications. The recent incredible single from Late is now followed up with a release from a brand new artist, Cloak & Dagger.

Cloak & Dagger is the work of one Evan Gach, a resident of Japan's capital city, Tokyo, Beyond this little is known about this new production talent but one thing is clear, he has an ear for great music as this inaugural release clearly demonstrates.

The title of the A side cut 'Crimewaves' may invoke visions of a dystopian urban landscape but in reality the music contained within its frequency bound walls is set to transport you to a jazz drenched utopia. Warm Rhodes piano lines and retro keys lay the groundwork for some funk fueled breaks and energetic percussion giving this record a depth of character that is hugely appealing. This is a perfect fusion of new & old, melodic & electronic, light and dark & light again; wonderful stuff and totally timeless. The flipside 'In the Cut' is a broodier affair, setting the scene with subtle understated drums which are bedrock for some intense sub bass action. Tech inspired pads and delayed stabs intertwine with the spacious percussion creating an ethereal and floating vibe that is constantly unpinned by the floorshaking bottom end! Dark and beautiful. Immerse is a celebration of great music and this is another piece in ever impressive story…