Wednesday, June 23, 2010

21st June 2010 Releases

LHF EP1 : Enter In Silence
Keysound 12"EP (LDN 018)

"...strange forces coalescing, mutterings of hoards of dubplates being assembled, psychotropic riddims ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Together LHF have got this sound like Sun Ra's hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens. Buried inside one corner of the LHF collective is a junglist fighting his way out: these guys have got drumz. Then there's another part of them that is lost in LA, their wonky beats falling off of the grid. Other members of the collective remind me of Horsepower's ability to transport you to lands far, far away: to Bollywood films or damp Brazilian riverbanks. I'm just lost in their sound right now..." Blackdown

A. JAKES - Times End
DARQWAN - Jahwan
Tectonic 12"
(TEC 039)

Two big names share one plate for Tectonic as dark garage / 2-Step legend Oris Jay, appearing here as Darqwan, goes face to face with Bristol don and HENCH head-honcho Jakes. Both tracks roll out cold and hard with a no-compromise attitude and all the quality levels you've come to expect from the usual Tectonic output.

Monday, June 14, 2010

14th June 2010 Releases

Cotton / Olbia :
A1. Cotton

B1. Cotton (Perc Remix)

B2. Olbia

Mikrowave 12"

Cassegrain - Cotton 12" (Mikrowave MWAVE 013) by bakedgoods

A bomb twelve inch originating via a chance meeting of musical minds, at the auspicious Red Bull music academy, when it was hosted in Barcelona autumn 2008. Picture the scene: HUSEYIN EVIRGEN, opera composer and production partner in Cassegrain with ALEX TSIRIDIS, greek overlord for bacchanalian warehouse revels and notably BENGA ADEJUMO - dubstep pioneer with future perspectives, contributing a rare vocal appearance...The result - some scratty basement sleaze, on point production unfurling its colours gradually through an epic single side, future rollage - absolute deadly wares. Techno don PERC (Perc Trax/ CLR/ Ovum) switches the beats into a subs heavy stepper style, delivering a strategic bass refix of Cotton for the AA1, which tries the vital elements of the top side through new focal points and adds more overt dubwise swells. 'Olbia' continues the carnage some more for a Berghain primed dark destroyer, Cyrus indebted riffs over a smart big room low end undercarriage. Killer package.

A. Oops
B. Untitled

Caravan limited 12",
hand-stamped labels

Oops :: Caravan Recordings OUT NOW by Multiverse

7th June 2010 Releases

A. Splendor In The Grass
B. 115 State

7EVEN 12"
(7EVEN 015)

Gracious to the last, 7even offer a well-deserved opening to Joann, a talented newcomer from Nantes, ironically label head Greg Gouty's home town. A more than worthy addition to the 7even family, currently flying high off the back of the F album 'Energy distortion'. 'Splendor in the grass' manages to build sheer beatdown vibes for gathering summer evenings, over a cannily deployed half-speed drum and bass simply tailor made for dBridge fans. Gently add a skweezed synth at 1:30 and some emotive strings before some covert riffage turns this into a full-on main room joint, future vibes wild out! '115 State' picks it up on a revived electro tip, slightly cagier with dubbed-out delayed figures across a smart detroit transphixion - big shit!

7EVEN Represses - F Energy Distortion Parts 1-3 back in stock!

Energy Distortion Part 1:
A. Energy Distortion
B. Energy Distortion (Untold RMX)

7EVEN 12"
(7EVEN 012)

Energy Distortion Part 2:
A. Chillin' B1. On The Corner
B2. Spacewalker
C. Perspectives
D. Funk Injection (Vinyl Edition Exclusive Track)
7EVEN 2x12" (7EVEN 013)

Energy Distortion Part 3
A. 0907
B1. Poka B2. Forever
C. See The Light
D. Confined System (Vinyl Exclusive track)
7EVEN 2x12" (7EVEN 014)

Friday, June 4, 2010

May 31st 2010 Releases

Clouds Are Mountains
Soul Motive CD
(SMR 008CD)

Eleven Tigers steps up with a beautiful and entirely lush record for the first album to be released by the deeply impressive Soul Motive label. The Lithuanian ex-patriot is going to be blowing some minds this year, with this album and its forthcoming show- piece single 'Stableface'. His sound has a sense of being wonderfully organic, while retaining a dark electronic aesthetic.
Not only an album, but presented as a continuous live set, Eleven Tigers is a master of the live show, no one set is ever the same,with beats and melodies constantly evolving from a sheer joy in experimentation. The album truely reflects this as it takes you on a journey of epic proportions, careering from one musical world into another. Moving from ambient ethereal pads, dark electronic drum sequences while folky vocals, delayed pyschedelic guitar licks and detroit chords all melt in and out of the mix. All the while giving you a natural feel and human element in Eleven Tigers electronic world. Clouds are Mountains may predominantly occupy the especially fertile140bpm terrain, but make no mistake, it is by no means your typical dubstep record: influences are drawn from most areas of bass music, be it garage, techno or whatver you call it - to form a highly impressive piece of work that fully immerses you from start to finish.

A. Look Into My Eyes
AA. Roots Music

Immerse 12"
(IME 018)

Incoming release from Bristol's Immerse label sees Rankin Records label boss Planas deliver two stunning new tracks of jazzy and dark edged dubstep. Immerse continue their foray into the realms of all things quality with the enlistment of Toby Davies AKA Planas for this new 2 track single. Davies is the man behind the much respected UK dubstep label Ranking Records, an imprint that has been releasing consistently outstanding records for the last 3 years, most of which have featured him either as a solo artist or in collaboration.
First of the two cuts here comes in the shape of 'Look into my Eyes', a jazzy, summery slice of broken beat brilliance. Melodic Rhodes parts and ethereal female vocals float over an undercarriage of rich rollin' bass and cut up drums with the whole thing held together by pads and subtle toplines that are reminiscent of classic Good Looking recordings. This is superb sun drenched music - light, musical and highly engaging. The flipside track is entitled 'Roots Music' and is a darker, brooding affair with razor tight percussion and earth shaking bass. Once again the record is given a melodic vibe with dubbed out piano stabs, effected blues harp riffs and tight arpegiated synth lines used to lift this recording into the realms of the sublime, pure class. After an incredible 2009, Immerse are definitely a label to watch this year, with an open music policy incorporating the best in UK electronica, dubstep and techno and with the addition of Planas to the roster it seems things just keep getting better.

A. Blackout
B1. S.O.S.

B2. Boogie Kitchen
Blackout 12"
BLACKOUT001 12" by bakedgoods

'Broken beats, bass killers - stealthy limited edition three tracker by an un-named producer, big with the likes of Mala, Peverelist, 2562, Martyn, Untold, Brackles, Oneman, Ben Ufo'

A. Let Me Be
B1. Bruk
B2. Broken

Reduction 12"
(RDCTN 005)

Reduction ramps it up another notch with some crisp pressure - minimal militant music from newcomer Jackal Youth. 'Let Me Be' opens with a simple collage of broken house drums and brassy stabs, vocal micro-samples hinting at the yearning vox to come, Add in a Popcorn-esque riff, tick-tocked percussion and punchy sub hits and you have a cheeky catchy little anthem.
'Bruk' on the flip continues ina similar vein - cut up Funky riddims and sliced female vocals wind together into a bumping garage cut that builds all the way - adding layers of synths and percussion as the pressure mounts. 'Broken' rounds off the EP with a more complex piece, the conga-soaked house riddim overrun by offbeat detuned chords and a topline which sees the main motif develop and gather pace, adding new colours witha bittersweet flavour.