Monday, June 14, 2010

7th June 2010 Releases

A. Splendor In The Grass
B. 115 State

7EVEN 12"
(7EVEN 015)

Gracious to the last, 7even offer a well-deserved opening to Joann, a talented newcomer from Nantes, ironically label head Greg Gouty's home town. A more than worthy addition to the 7even family, currently flying high off the back of the F album 'Energy distortion'. 'Splendor in the grass' manages to build sheer beatdown vibes for gathering summer evenings, over a cannily deployed half-speed drum and bass simply tailor made for dBridge fans. Gently add a skweezed synth at 1:30 and some emotive strings before some covert riffage turns this into a full-on main room joint, future vibes wild out! '115 State' picks it up on a revived electro tip, slightly cagier with dubbed-out delayed figures across a smart detroit transphixion - big shit!

7EVEN Represses - F Energy Distortion Parts 1-3 back in stock!

Energy Distortion Part 1:
A. Energy Distortion
B. Energy Distortion (Untold RMX)

7EVEN 12"
(7EVEN 012)

Energy Distortion Part 2:
A. Chillin' B1. On The Corner
B2. Spacewalker
C. Perspectives
D. Funk Injection (Vinyl Edition Exclusive Track)
7EVEN 2x12" (7EVEN 013)

Energy Distortion Part 3
A. 0907
B1. Poka B2. Forever
C. See The Light
D. Confined System (Vinyl Exclusive track)
7EVEN 2x12" (7EVEN 014)