Friday, January 22, 2010

25th January 2010 Releases

Love and Hate EP:
A1. Love Hate
B1. The Land Of The Highway
B2. Stop Hold
meanwhile. 12"
(MEAN 018)

'After four singles for some of Europe's A-list techno labels, Meanwhile welcome this inspired 22 year old Dutchman - Leeuwarden-based Boris Bunnik. As Conforce, he prefaces a stunning double album incoming soon, one of profound electronic depth representing classic techno's next wave with this melodic, stunning and need we say highly limited three tracker. The album is named 'Machine Conspiracy', ready compiled and set for release in February 2010, and shows the rude good health of the rising Friesland province sound, especially when set next to contemporaries like Delta Funktionen, Damian Keane and Mohlao. If you can't stand the deepness, get the hell out of the way.

'Conforce arrives then with rolling form and great anticipation after dropping a couple of killer limited twelve inch vinyls, 'Our Concern' and 'Junction' for the excellent Rush Hour : big spins for Derrick May, Josh Wink, Rolando, Laurent Garnier, Reggie Dokes, and many more ensued. Lately, heavyweight output has continued across an ep each for Modelisme 'CCCP' and 'Cruising' for Curle - both again very well received. 'Cruising' itself charted at No. 2 in Philip Sherburne's Best of 2009 Critical Beats end of year round up for The Wire magazine. Word's out on Conforce, that he is melodic and thoroughly excellent.

'Love Hate' for us pretty well defines what's best in futuristik Motor City techno-soul- house music - the sheer drama of this track as it ripples and swells all shapes it for those who care: dense and modern, pressed deep in a new era for the physical medium. Generations of fans from Model 500 and Shakir right the way through should be involved, and note: Heady stuff that comes highly recommended!'

Energy Distortion Part 1:
A. Energy Distortion
B. Energy Distortion (Untold RMX)

7EVEN 12"
(7EVEN 012)

'January 2010 sees the release of this 12" sampler, including the eponymous track 'Energy Distortion', backed by an incredible remix by the man on fire right now, Untold. F gives a taste of his forthcoming LP, and what a tune!!! With 'Energy Distortion', F takes his own level higher. Supported by SKREAM ('This one’s sexy! BIG!!!'), JOE NICE ('Fire in the hole!!! Tunes are heavyweight!'), PINCH, HEADHUNTER, MARY ANNE HOBBS, SCUBA, UNTOLD, 2562 and the 7EVEN Gang, this sampler is only one track of the 15 forthcoming on the 'Energy Distortion' album! '