Thursday, February 18, 2010

8th, 15th & 22nd February 2010 Releases

A. Terminal

Tectonic 12"

'Jack Sparrow returns for Pinch's Tectonic, on mighty form and currently unassailable. 2010 sees the label delivering in company of the highest grade. Carefully unpacking some considerable new studio scientifics, after last summer's wonderful debut for the label 'The Chase / The Fullest' (TEC030). 'Terminal' is utter killer materials - your genuine anthem material we suspect.

'The intro suggests Shackleton on the desk with Bryn Jones on hand drums, soon its apparent they're boasting Iration Steppas system and suddenly the War of the Roses goes sonic and plays back in unity. Proper sound system wares, musically let's say Trans-Pennine via North Africa, mixed down in a Bristol blues bunker. Further layers of bashy percussion build to a head while honed to the bone fully funked heatwave bass lays waste - then the muttered spoken words "I know some things that you don't know..." ushers us out of the drop top drawer boogie music for all bashments and funk parlours. Incredibly exciting and pretty much addictive record.

'Where the a side bears a new school flex with some future proofed funkstep manoeuvres, 'Tormented' arrives fully basted - glacial movements, a rockstone bass lays waste as gradual tension and eventual dementia build. True dubstep. Both tracks are evidence of a talented producer really coming of age production wise, they speak volumes for Sparrow, the label's careful mentoring and for the sheer fertility, interest and excitement around this music at this time. '

Energy Distortion Part 2:
A. Chillin' B1. On The Corner
B2. Spacewalker
C. Perspectives
D. Funk Injection (Vinyl Edition Exclusive Track)
7EVEN 2x12" (7EVEN 013)

'After the instant sell out of
Energy Distortion Part 1, don't delay on this extra loud Part 2. Housed in a glorious sleeve. the F sound has rapidly gained prime staus in the most exclusive sets....and the vinyl only exclusive 'Funk Injection' simply kills it.'

A. Autumn Rot
B. No Thief

3BY3 12"

'We couldn’t quite believe it when we first heard Dead Fader, how apt they are for the 3by3 label. This debut 12” was first aired in the Baked office late last year, and given it follows the mighty sonic dirge that is Cloaks, it just goes to prove that 3by3 really are cultivating an identity and sound all their own. Beats heavy as hell, abrasive high-end sonics and fully-wonked bass rhythms are mangled into two phat-ass productions with the most seismic grooves imaginable. You could throw ‘Autumn Rot’ into the mix just to ramp up the darkness, watch as it sinks its teeth into your arm and refuses to let go. As for the flip…well…all we’re saying is ‘No Thief’ 2:50 – if that’s not the sickest drop and reload we’ve heard in ages we’ll come round and smash up your house…all while blasting this Dead Fader 12”. Both tracks are drawn from the forthcoming, ear-bashing full length ‘Corrupt My Examiner’, and both tracks have been given an exclusive Transition mastering and cutting treatment, especially for this plate. Dead Fader are so maxed out, it’s hard to find an engineer who can deal with reproducing this blend of obliterated dancehall-noise and chainsaw-step for wax. For fans of The Bug, Surgeon and 16Bit - you gots to beware!'