Friday, November 20, 2009

23rd November 2009 Releases

Margins Music : Redux
Keysound CD
(LDN 014)

"The album is part remix LP, part DJ set part dub rework. In late 2007 and early 08 we became enthralled by Grievous Angel’s Ableton mixes that blurred the lines between DJing and remixing. We offered him the parts to every track on “Margins Music” and told him to mutate its DNA." Martin Clark (Blackdown)

"For me Blackdown and Dusk were always crucial dubstep artists. They deliver tunes that simultaneously hit you in the chest, the feet and the head and I listened to Margins Music for months; I loved the way that it was smart, supple music that had real depth, but which would also go off in a club. It fused dubstep with many of London's newly-indigenous musics, without being mere cultural tourism, venturing into London's marginal communities and working with other artists. Including, of course, rebuilding the bridge between dubstep and grime - and not just with any old MC, but with the most vital figures on the scene. And then I got the call. They wanted me to remix the entire album. They were fans of the Dubstep Sufferah series of mixes, where I re-edited and dubbed-up all different kinds of dubstep tunes with extra FX and vocals. The Sufferah series was popular because it provided a widescreen listening experience that most standard DJ mixes didn't offer. Plus, my first album, Belief is the Enemy, was a double CD, with a mix CD called 'Believe in Dub' that was more popular than the main album. I love rough, fast, live DJ mixing, but I wanted to do something different, with a lot of depth and replay value. I was influenced by albums that gave you a whole sonic world to get lost in, such as the classic dub albums of the 70s, like [Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson's) African Dub Chapter Three , the cut and paste techniques of Coldcut's Journeys By DJ CD, Bill Laswell's dub remixes of Miles Davis on the Panthalassa album and the symphonic, endless soul of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On. I see Margins Music as a travelogue through London's postcodes and timezones and I wanted to bring out the mythical, narrative element of the songs. Blackdown and Dusk captured London's genius loci almost perfectly; my job was to amplify and concentrate it. London is a universal city, both concrete and symbolic, whose accretions of psycho-geography constrain and liberate the multiple diaspora that comprise its population. I grew up in London and happily exiled myself, but it is impossible to ever truly leave; London is a state of mind and an addictive stimulant. As Trim quotes so eloquently, "it's a London ting". I hope that you are as transported by the Dusk and Blackdown's vision of London as I was." Paul Meme (Grievous Angel)

1. Original Vocal Mix
2. RSD Mix

3. Guido Mix
4. Jack Sparrow Mix
5. L.V. Mix
6. Original Full Length Instrumental Version

Tectonic CD EP (TECCD 007EP)

'Pinch does the right thing, as 2009 reaches a resounding conclusion for Tectonic. Ever since 'Underwater Dancehall' appeared, we have been inundated with requests for the Yolanda vocal version of "Get Up" to come out on wax. This year has seen dubstep endlessly reinvent and reflect ten years and more of UK bass culture - the anthemic quality of the original still stands more relevant than ever. Never one to do things by halves, Pinch has used the interim period wisely, securing the remix services of the finest producers out there. 'RSD has had a fantastic 2009 - rocking shores stateside to Japan and at long last receiving due acclaim for his central role in shaping the Bristol sound. With his latest album for Peverelist's excellent Punch Drunk still fresh in the racks - Rob Smith delivers a production master class, which has already been ruining audiences on dubplate - 2562 for one has been closing every set with this surefire killer. Also originating from pastures Punch Drunk, Guido has been readily grouped with Joker and Gemmy as one of the Purple wow new breed, here he brings an astonishing version and shows himself to be his own man - by turns luxuriant and yet pared back to its limber essentials - incorporating deep synth-funk and garage styles whilst still revealing a sizeable low-end all underpinning a show stopping arrangement of futuristic soul. Jack Sparrow warms up with an early taste of the recent production form which has prompted Pinch to request a full Tectonic album from him in 2010 - fabulous-low slung killer vibes, a subtle and deeply meditative, thoughtful version primed for deeper dancefloors with a huge deep funk coda to explore on the boards. Hyperdub / 2nd Drop / Hemlock / Ramp operative L.V. brings the soulful vibes to an apex - his easy moving, open form disco mix is reminiscent of classic Sly & Robbie Compass Point sides with Grace Jones - in a word, timeless. An indisputable classic tune in optimum versions - treasure them and play loud!!'

A. The Dawn
AA. Dawn Dub

Seth 12"
(SETH 01)

'Wonderful steppers versions from a shy and unnamed producer. We suspect, going on the considerable production chops on display here, that this is the moonlight work of a rather well known producer. Maximum rollidge with a sustained bass surge to warm up the biggest speaker sets, make no mistake this is a roving percussive beauty, blessed with discrete angelic vocals, flip for a precision dub of considerable restraint and singular power - fiercely limited so do not hang around!'

Laidbook 01: Beginning
Origami CD/10x Art Cards
(OPCA 1002)