Friday, November 13, 2009

16th November 2009 Releases

Miasmah LP (MIALP004)

Limited edition coloured vinyl edition

'Championed by the likes of David Sylvian and Thom Yorke, 'Daydreaming' is the stunning debut album from Seattle's Rafael Anton Irisarri. Originally released in 2007 on Erik Skodvin's Miasmah label, to great critical acclaim, 'Daydreaming' is a collection of piano led instrumental compositions of astonishing beauty. 'Daydreaming' sounds like a record written for piano, but it also incorporates an array of modern sound sources in its production. As the drifting synthesizers lap around the feet of a majestic piano part in the album's opening track 'Waking Expectations ' it is startlingly clear that there is more to Irisarri than mere stereotyping. This is a carefully constructed soundtrack to your most intriguing dreams, the dreams you might remember for a split second upon waking, only to have images creep up on you some time later. Those of you left spellbound by Deaf Center's haunting and beautiful 'Pale Ravine' album will be pleased to know that 'Daydreaming' continues in the tradition of murky, theatrical and deeply imaginative music. Lines of comparison can be drawn between Irisarri's compositional approach and the work of artists as varied as Machinefabriek, Peter Broderick and Mogwai. For more recent fans discovering the Miasmah label, which boasts a roster of incredible acts including Jacaszek, Kreng, Greg Haines, Jasper TX and Elegi, 'Daydreaming' offers another chance to discover a highlight release from the label's earlier days. Irisarri has just returned from a seven week tour of Europe under the guise of his other project 'The Sight Below', touring and performing with Simon Scott (who's debut album 'Navigare' due October, Irisarri guests on), Svarte Griener, and more. '

A1 Cyclic (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)
A2 Shakey Stripped
B1 Nearly (MLZ Remix)
B2 Shakey Metallic Beats
Mikrowave 12" (MWAVE 12)

'Mikrowave returns with a new release for the groovers, DJs and vinyl purists. 2009 has seen fellow Mancunian Kevin Gorman mainly concerned with his innovative Elements series of DJ and production tools. And so it seems fitting to end the year in this way - simply putting out a splendid record. It enlists two of the world's hottest, most forward-thinking and respected electronic music producers around right now, Peter Van Hoesen and MLZ, who should really need no further introduction or recommendation - essential twelve - fierce limited to 300 copies for the world.'