Friday, September 3, 2010

30th August 2010 Releases

That Placid Track:
A. Original Mix
B. Ewan Pearson's Mr Meek Goes To Offenbach Remix
Caravan 12"
(CVAN 014)
October "That Placid Track" + Ewan Pearson remix OUT NOW by Multiverse

OK people – it’s our pleasure to present to you a brand new track from label boss October aka Julian Smith.

"That Placid Track" has been in the hands of some lucky individuals for some time now, making its way across dancefloors from Berlin to New York, Bristol to Tokyo.
Dark disco references are heavy throughout with a great use of strings licks, a slo-motion vocal sample and a classic cowbell keeping everything nicely in check. As with most of October's productions though he still has one foot firmly inside "Berghain"
rendering this essentially disco track into something with more of a late night,
broody edge.

On remix duties is the legend that is Ewan Pearson who really needs no introduction. Suffice it to say that we are honoured to have such an esteemed producer on board for this release whose previous remixes include those for the likes of Depeche Mode, The Rapture, Goldfrapp, and The Chemical Brothers. We also thank him heartedly for taking time out from an unbelievably busy schedule producing albums for Tracey Thorn & Delphic to put him name to this October original AND pulling in the skills of his man Sasse Lindblad to assist with the mix.

Random Shades Of Day
Privileged To Fail 3CD
(FAIL 012)

Fabio Orsi has been winning the hearts of many listeners over the past few years with both his solo and collaboration releases. It's not often I find a new artist that interests me, and since my first listen to 'before long, before anyone, the stars will be walls in my mind' I've been hooked.

This set includes two CDs of previously unreleased and out-of-print material spanning Fabio Orsi's career. Drones, keyboard, guitar, distant vocals and field recordings can be found over the first two discs. Included are Fabio Orsi's first EP (I'm Here), 1000 Days Red, Faded on the Blowing of Winter, six previously unreleased tracks and more.

CD3 is a brand new full length record entitled 'Random Shades of Day'. This new full length continues on from 'Wild Light of the Moon' with beautiful drones and relaxing ambience. This is easily some of my favourite work that Fabio has ever done, and Part III is also some of his darkest.

Easily the finest release to date.

A. Losing You
AA. Under These Conditions

Immerse 12"
(IME 019PT1)
Late - Losing You by immerserecords
Late - Under These Conditions by immerserecords