Friday, May 14, 2010

May 17th 2010 Releases

Transform I - Remixed
Sufferah's Choice CD

1. From the Foundation (feat. Dub Judah) (Pinch remix)
2. City Walls (feat. Ras Addis) (Gemmy remix)
3. More Jah Songs (feat. Tena Stelin) (RSD remix)
4. Moses (feat. Ras B) (Forsaken remix)
5. Strictly Ital (feat. Ras Addis) (Peverelist remix)
6. Respek I-spek / Touch I Heart (feat.Levi Roots & Afrikan Simba) (Appleblim & Gatekeeper remix)
7. Nyah Keith (Guido remix)
8. Transformai (feat. Ras Bernardo & Jeru Banta) (Hyetal remix)
9. Hail Jah (feat. Ras Addis) (Jakes remix)
10. Foundational Dub (feat. Dub Judah) (Headhunter remix)
11. 'Transform I' Trailer (Video)

Bristolian roots reggae outfit Dubkasm have rounded together ten of the city's A-list dubstep producers to contribute to their Transform I - Remixed album. Quite aside from being a compulsively listenable and frequently brilliant reconstruction of Dubkasm’s Transform I album, this upcoming remix project acts as a tidy summary of – and an excellent introduction to – some of the Bristol dubstep community’s best-known practitioners. The rootsy feel of the source material is faithfully adhered to throughout, lending coherence despite the oft-idiosyncratic nature of each version. So Peverelist’s take on ‘Strictly Ital’ is equally indebted to jungle and techno, both Gemmy and Guido’s tracks drown samples of the original instrumentation in synthetic melody and Forsaken turns ‘Moses’ into a characteristically bizarre Latinised stomp. Best of all has to be Gatekeeper & Appleblim’s bewitching turn on ‘Respect I-Spek’, splicing the original into a mini-epic that’s equal parts devotional ritualism and club propulsion.

Luna / Luv_Dup
Soul Motive 12"
(SMR 006)

"...already big with Mary Anne, MistaJam and Skream, Headhunter, Geiom and co on a highly addictive funky flex"

38 EP
A1. Lost A2. Early Mob A3. Your Coat
B1. Walk It B2. Face of God

Keysound 12"EP
(LDN 017)

Keysound Recordings are proud to present the "38 EP" from the bass-heavy production trio, LV. All five tracks from the Hyperdub recording artists feature the ramblings and reflections of grime-inspired spoken wordsmith, Josh Idehen. It finds him sitting in the seat of five different passengers on east London's 38 bus as it winds from Clapton, imagining different people's worlds, as they journey via Hackney Central into the dark heart of the city. "It's obvious you don't get on with this metropolis, The big smoke's a big joke and you're the butt of it. Not like before when you were sure you'd fall in love with it eventually? Pity cos the city don't like optimists…"

The EP comprises exclusive tracks "Lost," "Early Mob," "Your Coat," and "Walk It" before ending in "Face of Go," where we find LV's sound stripped back to its dark exoskeleton, as far as Kode9's beatless dread-bass "Sine of the Dub." The 38 is both a celebrated and maligned London bus route and was name-checked by Wiley in freestyles ("38 bus/you don't want to see my .38 buss"). The route was one of the last to be served by the classic hop-on-the-back Routemasters. It was then served using the "bendy" busses, which were infamous for their ability to let fair dodgers nip on in the middle. They were finally phased out the weekend before the photos for this 12" were taken in Clapton, east London.